A great deal of premium WordPress themes accompanies diverse page layouts. These are difficult to redo for a WordPress beginner. Although WordPress is the most famous CMS, many individuals still, accept that WordPress isn’t 100% customizable. As a WordPress Expert, I can say WordPress is 100% customizable. The customizability of a WordPress site relies on the expertise and thought of its creator.

Things changed along the time. Now you will get a numerous page builder for WordPress (Both Free and Premium). They will work with any theme that holds global WordPress coding standards. You can easily build pages with different layouts. Many such page builders come with pre-built commonly used UI elements. Knowledge of coding or technical skill is not mandatory to use such page builders. You can drag and drop the elements and easily rearrange them.

The UI elements can be anything like adding multiple columns, parallax backgrounds, full-width images, content slider, beautified text, etc. Users can use these elements as blocks to fabricate their layouts within a WordPress theme. The criteria for choosing WordPress page builders are ease of use, flexibility, design output and periodic updates. The majority of the WordPress websites fail because of the absence of appropriate updates of the themes and plugins. All the plugins and themes that you use should be up to date. Outdated codes increase the risk of malicious attacks on the website. Whenever you choose a theme or plugin make sure that the developer will provide the periodic updates as per the global WordPress Standards.

In this article, I would like to share my musings on the two most prominent WordPress Page Builders. WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer Page Builder) and KingComposer. WPBakery Page Builder is a premium plugin and King Composer is a free plugin available on WordPress repository. Both the plugins come with the back-end and front-end editor. Although King Composer is free, the front-end editor is not available with the free version. The front-end editor comes only with the premium version of King Composer.

I was an author on Themeforest and developed about 20+ WordPress themes. I am using WPBakery Page Builder since 2014 in my themes. After 2 years I chanced to come across KingComposer inadvertently. I was taken aback by its features and pricing. I got acquainted with it after a couple of years with its repeated use. I was unwilling to experiment with a new one.

The prime change that I noticed while using King Composer was its lightning speed. The shortcode options window loads swiftly and likewise, it provides a chunk of UI elements within itself. They are free of cost. It took for me some time to configure a shortcode in a page with WPBakery Page whereas, with KingComposer the task was completed within seconds without any other technical interruption. Plugin update is the primary issue while using WPBakery Page Builder. I had to download the latest plugin and had to attach it to the theme pack and then submit it to Themeforest. Following the approval from the Themeforest officials, the theme user will receive a notification and the update is done accordingly. This had made the task a laborious one. The plugin may not work properly and the user may think that the issues are with the theme. Plugin update is quiet easy with KingComposer as it is available in the WordPress repository and you can update it with a single click. Whenever the plugin author releases an update, the users will receive an update notification in their WordPress admin panel. So the user never misses the plugin updates. KingComposer has an active discussion forum of users on Facebook. You can post the issues or suggestions on the group. The officials will look into it and will do the needful.

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As of 20th August 2019, King Composer have 90K+ active installations. It’s growth is incredible! Now check it by yourself and have fun!
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