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    Web Design and Development

    Our highly proficient team will help you to create your websites with refined and stunning designs. Say goodbye to stereotypical web designs and let us flaunt our creativity along with your flair to make you stand out from the crowd. We focus on timely and result-oriented approach. Our team will give wings to your digital dreams. We give utmost priority to customer satisfaction. Together let us set the right tone to your business.

    We offer SEO friendly websites, Responsive websites, Corporate websites, Animated websites, Business websites, Lead generation websites, custom websites by integrating social media, using W3C web coding and web application solutions and also checks on cross-browser compatibility.

    Custom Websites

    Web designs do not merely cater to the appearance of your website, which includes color, scheme, images, and fonts. Furthermore, we learn and comprehend your business, and then go for the aptest and appropriate website design. We custom websites to aesthetically please your target audience. We use colors that give a pleasant visual appeal and attractive content to hook your customer. We make your website the best rendition of your business. We custom websites for mobile-friendly usage, easy navigation and give feedback provision.

    Creative Websites

    Quadnotion uses innovative and smart designs to make your website stand out. We believe in splashing difference. The creative department puts away with the regular, monotonous designs and gives an impressive outlook to your business. Entrust us your digital business plan and let us weave our magic into it. With Quadnotion choosing the right design is never a tedious task.

    Responsive Websites

    Responsive websites are those that respond to different screens by resizing itself. With the increase in the usage of digital devices, responsive websites have become a quintessential one in digital marketing. This enables the viewer to view the same content on a desktop, mobile phone, tablet, smartphones, and other small screens. The websites automatically adjust to the screen on which it is displayed. Graphics, ads and download speed are given utmost care while creating these websites.

    Corporate Websites

    Corporate websites play a prominent role in the digital business. Here the information regarding the company, its products and services are presented more impressively in a more impressive way. It gives a major focus on the company’s achievements to grab the viewers’ attention. Creativity is wisely and justly employed professionally. The contents are highly organized which include blogs, FAQs, product pages and newsletter. Corporate websites boost your business globally.

    Social Media Integration

    Social media integration is a technique wherein your business website offer links to the corresponding social media pages. This effectively enhances the frequency of viewers and customers. This cross-promotion is an added advantage to improve your business potential. Identification of an apt platform is the primary task. We at Quadnotion smartly investigate on it and will provide you with a unique strategy.

    SEO Friendly Website

    An SEO friendly website a Search Engine Friendly Website. We create unique titles, descriptions, well-formatted links, URLs and proper navigation that can increase the website traffic. Good SEO friendly website gives credibility and awareness. We understand your thrust requirement. We incorporate both On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

    Animated Websites

    Creativity has become an inevitable part of modern digital experience. Animated websites are one of a kind. They are highly attractive and interactive. They are currently in vogue in the realm of digital business. Animation makes complex ideas simple with the aid of videos, good fonts, and impressive illustrations. Animated websites can easily grab the visitor’s attention to your brand. We employ easy navigation to give an overall organized and professional touch to your websites. At Quadnotion we make your dreams happen.

    W3C Web Standard Coding

    These are technical guidelines and specifications for developing a website. These equip the web designers to create website and web applications for multiple ranges of devices. These guidelines are incumbent for the future progress of the websites. The standards laid for creating webpages and other applications are also known as web apps. We make use of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and graphics viz. pictures, maps, charts, diagrams, audios and videos in website development for browser compatibility. We at Quadnotion create globally accessible web applications.

    Web Application Solutions

    Web applications encompass all the applications that communicate with the user via HTTP. To site a few there are flash games, online calculators, calendars, web-based word processors, spreadsheet application, online banking, social networking, online reservations, shopping cart applications, blogs, online forums and so on. Client-Side Scripting and Server Side Scripting are the primary technologies employed in web application solutions. We also deploy Web Application Frameworks and Coding Guidelines for developing efficient Web Application Solutions.

    Cross-browser Compatibility

    It is a process whereby the newly developed websites are cross-checked to ensure that the webpages work across several web browsers. This includes multiple devices of varying capabilities ranging from recent tablets, smartphones, TVs to older tablets and phones. Quadnotion makes use of a myriad number of tools such as Browser Shots, IE Tester, Sauce Labs, Cloud Testing so on and so forth for the same.

    Business Websites

    A good business website is a platform to showcase your company, its values and vision. The content should be demonstrated with utmost clarity as time and space remain limited. We employ carefully crafted themes to pop your web content from others. We develop business websites in such a way that it beautifully fits into a desktop, mobile and tablet at the same time. Creating your business website is easier with Quadnotion. We help you organize your website with clarity and precision.

    Lead Generation Websites

    Lead generation websites revolve around the marketing process intended to capture interest in a product or service which in turn boost the sales. These websites help the digital business to be seen and heard in a world of a digital revolution. This also helps to establish a good relationship with the viewers and customers. In the present era, social media is an effective platform to generate leads. We make sure to provide all the valuable information regarding your brand and services to educate the buyers and in turn make them your potential customers.

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