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    Website Hosting

    Our enormously talented team at Quadnotion will club your innovative ideas to get kick started in the corporate world. We host websites that uplift your content with lush backgrounds thereby enhancing its overall appearance. We provide in-house support system to brilliantly showcase your ideas to the world. We provide top notch security for your website in cyberspace, hosting packages depending on your demands, SSD storage, free SSL, daily backup, free migration services and free malware scan and removal.

    Domain And Hosting

    The domain is your website name. It stands for your website identity. Every domain name is unique. Hosting is a service whereby you develop a new website of your own. Quadnotion provides web hosting service and a professional domain name to create an online platform for your business. We also ensure that your website runs 24/7. Entrust us with your dreams and lead a fuss-free business.

    Top Notch Security

    Quadnotion provides holistic security otherwise known as Top-Notch security to your web pages. Lack of proper security can devastate and exploit your business to an unimaginable extent. We aim at providing high security, privacy, and integrity to the data shared by the customers. We make use of several security models and techniques to give uncompromised security to your web pages. Quadnotion gives utmost importance to the safe and secure business environment.

    Tailor-Made Hosting Plans

    We at Quadnotion offer different types of web server hosting plans so that the client can choose a suitable hosting space catering to their specific needs. We offer services like Shared Server Hosting(suitable for cost-effective small-time eCommerce sites and personal websites), Dedicated Server Hosting(best suited for e-commerce websites with heavy traffic and cannot be down due to business purposes) and Cloud Server Hosting(these are websites provided by multiple servers, has load balancing, no single point of failure, can increase or decrease server resources as per your needs).

    SSD Storage

    SSD is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as a memory for persistent storage of data, commonly using flash memory. It’s easy to store and highly secure. SSD technology is a rapidly developing one. We use SSD for the fastest hosting speeds. Quadnotion gives hosts that offer SSD storage space along with high-performance databases and caching.

    Free SSL

    SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers. Quadnotion instantly secures your web server with SSL for free of cost. It prevents any unwanted messages interrupting your customers while they are viewing your website. It also gives an assurance to your customers that they are viewing and interacting with a safe and encrypted domain. This guarantees privacy for the information shared between the website and customers.

    Daily Backup

    This is the most important step in web hosting. Quadnotion offers daily backup for your websites so that you keep up with the fast pace development of the digital world. Data backup certifies quality and safety to the data presented in the web pages. This also serves as an alternative to recover your lost data. It has nowadays become a deciding factor for the consumers to decide whether to choose your company over others.

    Customer Support

    Customer Support focuses primarily on customers. They assist them in a myriad number of ways. The team connects with the customer to offer solutions to issues regarding any purchase or service. We use various modus operandi to get in touch with the customers such as Call Management System, Contact Centres, Internet-based customer service suite, etc. We assist customers in planning, installation, training, maintenance and upgrading products and services. It saves the client’s time and helps them to make efficient and effective use of online media.

    Free Migration Services

    Quadnotion offers our customers free migration services whereby you can effortlessly transfer a website hosted anywhere else into our account. Our experts make this task easy and labor free for you. The expected downtime for the migration depends on your website that is, the size of the data used in your site. We also assure you that your website page will still be visible for the viewers and customers during the procedure are underway.

    Free Malware Scan And Removal

    Malware is also known as malicious software is any program or file that is harmful to a computer user. Viruses, Worms, Trojan, Horses, and Spyware are various forms of malware. Malware is used to steal, encrypt, delete, alter or hijack data without the permission of the user. Experts at Quadnotion identify malware and use reliable tools to remove it for the smooth and interrupted the functioning of your web pages. We also use anti-malware software to prevent any further encroachment of malware.

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